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Welcome to Lilovat Solar Technology !

Lilovat solar Technology is a Nigeria based solar energy provider, We provide energy solution to people all over west Africa.
Our range of services includes Solar training in Lagos, and other par of Nigeria, solar energy installation, Inverter installation, inverter repairs, Renewable energy consultancy, Sales of Inverter, Solar equipments and support services.

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Lilovat Solar Institute

Lilovat solar institute is the best solar training center in lagos, other par of Nigeria. we provide first class practical training on solar installation free and paid, solar battery reconditioning training and lots more.

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You can Power:
1 TV, 3 Fan, 3 bulb, 1 laptop
with 1kva Inverter - 200ah Battery - Solar panels

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I did a 4 day training with Lilovat Technology, It didn’t just end there Mr Tosin allowed me to join his team on site so that I can gain more experience, I am not the only one he has helped, I have heard testimonies from other student. Not every training centre would allow their student to go with them to sight. I am glad I met this great people.

Mr. Loberto

My 5 days training at Lilovat solar technology was a wonderful experience and impactful, We were opportune to go to site after the training for more hands on site training.

Ibrahim Ayalabegan
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